Essex Boys at War for Canada


In the latter part of Queen Victorias reign many people left Eastern Essex to make a new life in Empire at Canada.

Most emigrants seem to have headed for the Western Coast.

When Canada joined the UK in World War 1 many of the male emigrants decided to enlist and fight for the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force alongside the Britons.

Some of these men are listed below


Stanley George Clear, Born 7 December 1891 at Latchingdon

Charles John Coulter, Slade Born 16 May 1898 at Southminster

Charles Deacon Moul,  Born 6 October 1881 at Tillingham

George William Moul, Born 30 June 1885 at Tillingham

Lewis Murton, Born 22 February 1893 at Southminster

Thomas James Peacocke, Born 18 August 1896 at Tillingham

Trivet Charles Peacocke, Born 4 August 1897 at Tillingham

Sidney Piper Born, 2 August 1878 at Southminster

Thomas Sams, Born 5 July 1888 at Southminster


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