St Margaret's Church, Woodham Mortimer

The Church was extensively refurbished in from 1840 to 1891 leaving only traces of a much older church.

The south wall and the eastern end remain as original.

A brass to 3 yr old Dorothy Alleine is dated 1584.

The font is of 13th century on a 15th century base.

The pulpit, alter and organ case have nice carvings dating to the 17th century.

Three nice stained glass windows are complemented by a small window built to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.


Sundial outside St Margaret's

Headstones/Memorials in the Churchyard

Admiral Codd

Dr Peter Chamberlen, Physician to James I, Charles I and Charles II

John Kemp, Major Cavalry Staff Canterbury, 1887;

Oxley Parker family members

Memorials inside the Church

First Name & Surname

Date Died

Dorothie Alleine

21 April 1584 ( Born 1581)

Giles Alleine


Mrs Christian Cokar


Tom Cokar

8 October 1478

Edward Codd

6 April 1786

Mrs Frances Codd

23 February 1814

Mrs Elizabeth Griffinhoofe

5 December 1800

Rev Nicholas Griffinhoofe

7 July 1789

Rev Richard Hitchens


Mrs Hitchens


Elizabeth Veley Parker

1881 ( Born 1814)

Elizabeth Alice Parker

1884 ( Born 1851)

John Oxley Parker

8 October 1887

Louisa Parker

5 February 1893

James Wright

6 July 1795

Mrs Sally Wright

28 April 1824


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Worley's - A dictionary of the County

In 1915 George Worley wrote about the Church in his Dictionary of the County

The church shows signs of its Norman origins in the doorway, and deeply splayed light above it; the massive circular font bowl apparently being of the same age.

Most of the fabric, however dates from fifteenth century, and the whole has been practically rebuilt in recent years.

It consists of nave, chances, north transept (new), and west belfry with shingled spire.

There are three bells, two (seventeenth century) by Miles Graye and one much older, inscribed Johannes est nomen ejus , with the recognised marks of John Danyell, who appears as a founder c 1460.

Note good piscina; fine carved oak alter screen; pulpit with sounding board, and lectern; also small brass to Dorothy Alleine (1584) representing a child of three years in Elizabethan dress, with a shield of arms in eight quarterings, and a quaint rhymed epitaph.

The head is unfortunately lost.

Registers from 1664.