Special Day Certificates

Marshland certificates make a unique present to mark a special day in the life of someone you regard as important.

Marshland have produced stylish certificates that are personalised from data to match the recipient


What's on the certificate?

Items that can be included are

 Personal Details -Astrological star sign , Birthstone, Chinese Sign , and astrological traits

Arts - the years top cinema, tv programs ,books and pop hits

Sport - Winners at cricket, football, horse racing and tennis

Politics - Prime Minister, US President

Events - Headline news of the year

Living - Cost of living and details of everyday life

What occasions are they suitable for?

Special Day certificates will be available in the following formats


containing events of the day and year of birth with star signs and other personal data

  1. Children's birthday
  2. Adult Birthday
  3. New born baby


containing events of the day and year of the relevant event with star signs and other personal data

  1. Wedding Anniversary
  2. Retirement

How much do they cost?


Velum certificate     4.99

Velum certificate laminated  5.99

Frames are available although due to the dangers of breakage of glass in transit it is recommended that frames are bought independently.

What does postage cost?

Items are delivered by the Royal Mail in a stiffened envelope.

Normal postal delivery is free.

Express and recorded delivery is available at extra cost.

How do I buy a certificate?

If you are interested please contact Marshland via the below form

Full sized certificates are not displayed on the site due to previous image-theft problems although larger scale images are available on request.

Payment is then arranged by personal cheque or credit/debit card via Google Checkout or PayPal

Online Purchase


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Please list interests / dislikes of the recipient

to guide the content of the certificate     

 ie loves football or hates sport