Southminster Rural Fete 1872

People involved in the rural fete held at Southminster in July 1872

Name Role
W Hurrell Committe Member
J S Prior Committe Member
Charles Page Committe Member
J F Kemp Committe Member
Brother Bruce Member of Oddfellows
Brother Cant Member of Oddfellows
Brother Rumsey Member of Oddfellows
Brother Nemo Member of Oddfellows
Mr Willsmer Landlord Kings Head
Mrs Dixey Landlady of Rose & Crown
Mr C Byford Bandmaster of West Essex Militia Band
C Hurrell Athletic races organisers
Leslie Kemp Athletic races organisers
T C Wigg Athletic races organisers
E T Marshall Hockey Match organiser
Thomas Baxter 1st putting the 25 lbshot
Mr Allen 2nd putting the 25lb shot
Mr Allen 1st Putting the 18 lb shot
Mr Glass 2nd putting the 18lb shot
J Harvey 1st Tossing the caber
Mr Allen 2nd Tossing the caber
Mr Spooner 1st running Long Jump
G Reeve 2nd running Long Jump
W Bishop 1st standing long jump
Mrv Spooner 2nd standing long jump
W Bishop 1st Hop Skip and jump
Mr Reeve 2nd Hop skip and jump
J Lambert 1st throwing  cricket ball
Mr Glass 2nd throwing a cricket ball
Mr Allen 1st Throwing 1/2 cwt
Mr Baxter 2nd throwing 1/2 cwt
F Bishop 1st  boys egg & spoon race
Alfred Bell 2nd boys egg & spoon race
Mr Spooner 1st mens hurdles
Mr Lambert 2nd Mens hurdles
Mr Bishop 3rd mens hurdles
H Spooner 1st adult egg and spoon race
J Lambert 2nd adult egg and spoon race
Joseph Cole 1st boys barrel race
George Aylett 2nd boys barrel race
Edward Bishop 1st Mens barrel race
W Bishop 2nd mens barrel race
A J Winerborn 1st boys flat race
J Woolard 2nd boys flat race
 A 6 a side hockey match was held whcih resulted in a draw bettwen the boys of Southminster and Burnham.