The Rose Inn

The Rose Inn came to life in 1867 when Gray and Sons brewers of Maldon converted two small cottages into a beer house .

The Rose is situated in a small hamlet, that developed around Ratsborough Farm, between Burnham and Southminster

The first recorded landlord was Elias Cook who was shown as a beer retailer in records from 1874 to 1886.

In 1894 the Rose was taken over by Samuel Simpson who stayed as landlord until 1914.

The next recorded landlord is Daniel Cant who ran the Rose from 1929 to 1937 when Mr J Young took over.

Perhaps the most famous landlord was Nellie Smith who took over in 1950 having been associated with the Rose since 1925.

Nellie's father was a Thames Bargee from Steeple who retired to dry land taking over a beerhouse. He husband was a widow of a World War 1 solider.

Nellie was well known for giving bread and cheese to people who had too much to drink and did many favours to her customers.

In 1960 Nellie applied to Southminster Licensing Court and was granted a licence to sell spirits as well as beer.

Nellie was in her eighties when she died in 1972.

On Nellie's death the Pub was taken over by Doug and Hilda Field who made many alterations to the Rose with a car park created on the opposite of the road and an increase in the area of the bars.

By 1980 another change brought Ken and Rita Calvy to the Rose and yet more improvements with the addition of a beer garden and pub food.

Since 1980 several landlords have come to the Rose but it has still retained beer from the barrel, the original floors, the wooden tables and the open fireplaces which transport customers back to the days of the days of  the beerhouse run by Elias Cook in 1867.