Crouch Regatta 1865

Yachting started to grow in popularity in the mid 1800's although mainly based on the Thames. There was little pleasure use of the Rivers Crouch, Roach or Blackwater.

 a regatta on the Crouch in 1903

Previous regattas were largely for towns people and involved sailing , rowing, swimming and other water based activities.

One of the first yachting regattas held in the River Crouch took place in 1865 with the details recorded in Hunt's Yachting Magazine which was newly started to take advantage of the new interest in Yachting.


On June 30 an aquatic Jete was held on the River Crouch at  Burnham, Essex under the management of A Arcedeckne Esq , Commodore of the Royal London Yacht Club whose yacht the Gnome was the flag vessel on the occasion.

Upwards of 2,000 persons assembled, the weather being delightful, a number of the metropolitan yachts also attended and the whole scene was one of brilliancy and pleasure.

The first match was for a quart silver goblet for first yacht and pint silver goblet for the second yacht with half a tone per minute allowance for difference in tonnage.

The following entered - Britannia , 15 tons , Mr Patmore; Waterwitch ,13 tons, Mr Browning; Rosalind, 11 tons, Mr F Wiseman; Don Juan, 11 tons, Mrs J Wiseman.

At 11.10am they started, the Don Juan taking the lead, hard pressed by Rosalind who succeeded in passing before finishing first round, which place she retained to the end, winning first prize. Britannia also bustled past the Dove, but having to allow time, the latter received second prize. Water witch gave up disabled. Distance of course 20 miles.

The next race for a quart silver tankard and sugar basin, and a suit of flags for second prize. Distance and time as before.

The following stated - Coquette, 11 tons, Mr D Wise man; John and Stephen , 11 tons, Mr I Allen; Eclipse , 11 tons, Mr I Wise man; Eliza, 10 tons, Mr D Wise man; The , 11 tons, Rev I System: and Nautilus, 7 tons, Mr G D Browning.

Nautilus started with the lead and although pressed hard by Coquette she gallantly held her way for some time; but the power of the latter landed her the winner.

The third race was for prize money under the same regulations as the other races.

The following entered:- Tartar, 10 tons, Mr J Wiseman; Two Sisters, 10 tons, Mr Woolfe ; Three Sisters , 10 tons,Mrs Wiseman; Amiable, 10 tons, Mr F Wiseman; Ada , 11 tons, Mr Wendon.

This was as well contested as the prior matched; indeed the tactics displayed by these amateur crews gave great satisfaction to the 'nauticals' present, after a sharpish brush the Ada was the victor with plenty of time to spare.

A Arcedeckne, Esq then presented the prizes to the successful candidates with appropriate speeches. The aquatic sports were concluded with some rowing matches and a duck hunt after which a ball took place in the spacious marquee, which was graced with the attendance of a large number of the beautiful lasses of Essex and dancing was kept up until an early hour.