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Quaker Deaths 1844-1886

The Quakers published an annual monitor recording the deaths of many of it's prominent members.

The list below provides details of people from Maldon and the Dengie Hundred who were listed in this register.

Surname First Name Place   Birth Death Comment
Alsopp Christiana Maldon   1816 1886 Minister
Alsopp Matthew Maldon   1809 1870  
Alsopp Phoebe Maldon     1856 Minister
Alsopp Robert Maldon   1778 1850 Minister
Barrett Sarah Maldon   1759 1844  
Barrit Cornelius Hazeleigh   1815 1886  
Barrit Earnest Hazeleigh   1774 1855  
Barrit Elizabeth Maldon   1844 1867  
Barrit Elizabeth Ann Maldon   1816 1883  
Barrit Jas Henry Maldon   1844 1867  
Barrit Lucy Maldon   1820 1885  
Clark Sarah Maldon   1770 1844  
Corder Rachel Maldon   1793 1864 Wife of Charles Corder
Farrand Susanna Maldon   1809 1886 Widow of William Farrand
Hipsey William Cadman Purleigh   1775 1864  
Marriage Richard Henry Maldon   1853 1870 Son of Alfred & Sarah Marriage
Puplett Thomas Maldon   1747 1829  
Read Emma Beeleigh   1801 1855 Wife of William P Read
Tanner Mary Maldon 1785 1844

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