Lords of Manor & Influential residents in 1861


In 1861 Mr D W Coller wrote the Peoples History of Essex in which he provided a sketch of all of the Essex Hundreds including the Dengie Hundred.
In this sketch he mentioned the Lords of the manor and a few other influential people.

Lord of Manor T D F Tatham

Lord of Manor Lord Petre

Bradwell on Sea
Lord of Manor - Sion College, Bristol since left to them in 1624 by Dr Thomas White

Burnham on Crouch
Lord of the Manor of Warners Earl of Mornington
Lords of the Manors of Burnham Sir Henry Mildmay
Oyster Merchants J G Auger , John Hawkins, L Sweeting, T Rogers and William Auger

Cold Norton
Lord of the Manor - Charterhouse School
Rector - Rev W Holland

Lord of the Manor  Lord Petre

Lord of the Manor Sir Henry Midmay

Lord of Manor of Snoreham  Lord Rayleigh
Lord of Manor of Lawling C H Pully

Lords of Manor - St Bartholomew's Hospital

Lord of Manor  T B Western

North Fambridge
Lord of the Manor William Gale

Lord of Manor of Barons  J J Tufnell

Lord of the Manor - Charterhouse School

Lords of Manor of Steeple  Hall St Bartholomew's Hospital
Lord of Manor of Steeple Grange J J Tufnell - previously held by the Ferrars family

Lords of the Manor Dean and Chapter of St Paul's Cathedral, London

Woodham Mortimer
Lord of Manor Rev J T Round

Woodham Walter
Lord of Manor The Duke of St Albans
Principal land owner- Mr J O Parker

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