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Religious Buildings & Religious History

Essex At War

Individual Village History

Buildings and other physical features

Life in this area


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Althorne Church

Asheldham Youth Church

Bradwell-on-Sea Church

Burnham on Crouch Church

Cold Norton Church

Creeksea Church

Dengie Church

Latchingdon Church

Mayland Church

Mundon Church

North Fambridge Church

Purleigh Church

St Lawrence Church

Southminster Church

Steeple Church

Stow Maries Church

Tillingham Church

Woodham Mortimer Church

Woodham Walter Church


Baptist Church History How the Baptists opened churches at Burnham, Southminster and Tillingham

Beeleigh Abbey An Abbey of the White Canons that owned much land in the Dengie 100

Church Bells Details and history of the church bells in the older churches

Church Chests Details and history of the church chests found in most churches

Churches and Chapel A listing of all churches and Chapels that have existed in the area

Congregational Church, Burnham on Crouch History of Burnham Congregational Church- now called URC Church

Methodist Chapels Opening and closure of  five Methodist Chapels in Eastern Essex

Other Religions Churches   Pics of Baptist, Jehovah's Witness , Roman Catholic and United Reform Church

Peculiar Peoples Church Tillingham and Steeple - Now called as the Union of Evangelical Churches

Peculiar Peoples clash with the Law Strong belief brought clashes over conscription and medical treatment

Quakers History The story of Quakers in Eastern Essex

Quaker Burial Ground Steeple Quakers Burial Ground

Ruined or Closed Churches Details of the many closed or ruined churches

St Peters Chapel , Bradwell on Sea One of the oldest chapel in the UK

Stansgate Priory, Steeple A Cluniac Priory sacked by Henry 8th


Asheldham Camp

The story of the defensive fort built by the Ancient Britons at Asheldham

Bradwell Bay Airfield

The World War Two airfield

Burnham RNAS Airfield

World War One Airfield

Danish Invasion

Details of the two major battles with the Danes either side of Eastern Essex

Dutch Invasion

Details of the Dutch fleet and landings in 1667 during the Anglo-Dutch War

Essex Regiment ,Yeomanry and Militia

The Essex Regiment pages have been moved to their own site providing information  on the men and their lives.

HMS Asheldham  

Modern Warship who carries the name of Asheldham

Home Guard

Home defence in World War Two

Napoleonic War

Essex was in the front line of the invasion threat by Napoleon

Othona Fort

A Roman fort of the Saxon Shore

Stow Maries Airfield

Fighter base in World War One

Thames Barges at War

The role that these unlikely heroes played in the two World Wars

World War 1

The effect on Eastern Essex

World War 1 Graves in Eastern Essex

Details of local graves of World War 1 casualties

World War 1 Naval Deaths

The story of the service and death of some Naval Troops from this area

World War 2

The effect on Eastern Essex

World War 2 Graves in Eastern Essex

Details of local graves of World War 1 casualties

VILLAGE HISTORY INDEX - Old Pictures, Topography Listings, Statistics and other pages

Alternative Village names

Alternative ways to spell the names of local villages in Medieval Times



Bradwell on Sea


Bradwell Waterside

 Waterside is a hamlet covered by the Bradwell on Sea page

Burnham on Crouch


Cock Clarks  Cock Clarks is a hamlet covered by the Purleigh page

Cold Norton  




Howe Green

 A hamlet covered by the Purleigh page



Maylandsea  Maylandsea is a twin Parish of Mayland covered by the Mayland page


North Fambridge  

Old Heath

 Old Heath is a hamlet covered by the Southminster page



Ramsey Island

 Ramsey Island is a hamlet covered by the St Lawrence page

Rudley Green

 A hamlet covered by the Purleigh page

Snoreham  A hamlet covered by the Latchingdon page



Stansgate  Stansgate is a hamlet covered by the Steeple page

St Lawrence

 Also known as St Lawrence Newland



 Stone is also known as St Lawrence

Stow Maries  



Woodham Mortimer  

Woodham Walter


Village Population 1817

Population Statistics for Eastern Essex Villages in 1817

Village Population 1829

Population Statistics for Eastern Essex Villages in 1829


Boatyards in Burnham on Crouch

Boatyards were a major part in Burnham's history

Bradwell Bay Airfield

A frontline World war Two airfield

Bradwell Lockup

One of the few village lockups remaining

Bradwell Power Station

Seen for miles from the Blackwater Estuary

Burnham Historic Buildings

Details of some on the 117 listed buildings in Burnham Town Centre

Burnham Clock Tower

The best known building in Burnham on Crouch

Burnham Cottage Hospital

The story of the Cottage Hospital

Burnham Foundry

An important feature of Burnham now closed

Burnham Museum

Burnham's fine museum


White House Farm Canal & Chelmer and Blackwater - The areas two canals

Cinema History

details of the current and past cinemas

Conservation Areas

Lists the conservation areas in East Essex- Concentrations of fine buildings

Creeksea Place

Creeksea Place was the seat of the Harris Family`

Crouch Valley Railway Line

The story of the branch line

Crouch Yacht Club

The story of the Crouch Yacht Club

HMS Beagle and HMS Kangaroo

The part that the Coastguard Watch vessels played in the fight against smuggling


Details of the Islands in the Crouch and Blackwater

Linnett's Cottage

Linnetts Cottage was home to the premier wild fowler

London & South Essex Railway

LSER was proposed to run from Stepney to Burnham in 1844

Mangapps Railway Museum

Working Steam trains and railway history

Othona Fort

The Roman Fort of Othona

Parish Pumps

Pictures and details of Parish pumps to be found in the area

Public House Signs

The derivation of the names of some of the older pubs in the area

River Blackwater-laid up vessels

How large ships were laid up in the Blackwater from 1920 to 1995

Rose Inn

Story of a local Pub

Royal Burnham Yacht Club

The story of the Royal Burnham Yacht Club

Royal Corinthian Yacht Club

The story of the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club


Salt from Eastern Essex is the best in the UK  - This is the story of salt.

Southminster Maltings

Maltings and Breweries were important features- Southminster was the biggest

Steeple School

The story of the village school at Steeple

Stow Maries Airfield

A front line World War One Airfield

Tucker Brown Boatyard

One of the best know boatyards in town

The Wade

How the Wade was closed and Ramsey Island became part of the mainland


Details of local Watermills


details of local windmills

Woodham-Maldon Railway Branch Line

The now defunct railways branch line


Workhouses existed in most villages in the 1800's

Workhouse at Maldon

Items from the records of Maldon Workhouse 1895-1930


Capital Punishment

Capital punishment in Essex in the 1700's meant hanging at Chelmsford

Domesday Book Life

Local extracts from the Domesday Book

16th Century Crime

Crimes committed in Elizabethan Times

16th Century Life

Facets of life in Elizabethan time

17th Century Crime

Assize records from the 17th century

17th century Life

facets of life in the 17th century

18th Century Life

Facets of life in the 18th century

Bonfire origins of Burnham Carnival

The origins of Burnham Carnival from 1606

Bronze Age

Eastern Essex in the bronze age

Bull Baiting & Cock Fighting

How these blood sports flourished in this area until abolished in 1835

Burnham Town Council

History of Burnham Town Council from its formation in 1974

Burnham Urban District Council

The life of Burnham UDC until it was abolished in 1974

Bus & Coach Operators

Details of the early bus and coach operators


The Carriers that operated from the villages of the Dengie 100 to Maldon

Coastguard History

The story of the fight against smugglers and to save lives from wrecks


How cricket changed from the gentlemen to the players in this area

Essex Dialect

Some examples of Essex Dialect

Farm Labourers

Nearly half the population were farm labourers- this is their story

Feet of Fines

Feet of Fines were a popular way to buy and sell property in the 11th century


It's surprising how many examples of folklore contain some truth


The story of Freemasons in Eastern Essex


As befits a historic region, Eastern Essex has many stories of ghosts

Gibbetting or hanging in chains

In 1611 Thomas Pennell was hung in chains - the page explains what that entailed


How Halloweeen has been celebrated in the Dengie Hundred

Industrial Revolution

The effect on this area of the Industrial Revolution

Iron Age

Eastern Essex in Iron Age

Local Shopping Ads 1932

Local ads from a 1932 magazine

Local Legends

Tall stories handed down through the generations

Maldon Grammar School

Maldon Grammar School served the whole of Eastern Essex

Maldon Rural District Council

Markets and Fairs have been held since 1218

Markets and Fairs

Markets and Fairs have been held since 1218

Newspapers in the 1800's Where the local Victorians got their local news

Old Essex Recipes

Local recipes

Oyster Fishing

Oysters was the best know product in the 1800's

Ploughing Matches

The story of competitive ploughing matches from 1834

Parliamentary Representation

MP's for this area

Policing East Essex

The story of local policing

Police in 1840

Police Numbers and Crime figures for 1840 and 1841

Poor Law in practice

The early years of poor law in Essex and the story of Jane Harris of Cold Norton

Prehistoric Era

Our area in prehistoric times


Prison, Lock ups and Police cells were used to house prisoners

Public supply of water

How people obtained their water in 1901

Roman Times

Romans lived in this area

Saxon Life

The Saxons followed the Romans to invade

Schools 1812 to 1870

School life before compulsory education


The story behind some of the many shipwrecks on the sands off our coast

Slavery This area boasted anti slavery campaigners and slave owners


Smuggling was a favourite activity


Stagecoaches to London provided a link with the capital

Stone Ages

Eastern Essex in the Stone Ages

Thames Barges

Barges played a vital role in this area

Trade Tokens

The time when traders issued their own coins

Visit by Daniel Defoe in 1722

The author Daniel Defoe paid a visit in 1722 and wrote down his views

Watch Vessels- Blackwater

Coastguard activity on the River Blackwater

Watch Vessels- Crouch & Roach

Coastguard Watch  activity on the Rivers Crouch and Roach

Water based firms

Lists the firms whose trade was based on River or Sea in 1937

Wild fowling

Thousands of wildfowl were killed each year at sea and in the decoy ponds


Like many other areas witches and warlocks were identified and burnt


Cloudburst of 1859

In 1859 a cloudburst caused floods that passed into local folklore

Duel at Woodham Mortimer

In 1809 a cricket match lead to a fatal duel

Duke of Edinburgh hero and villain

In 1882 the Duke Saved one boat but left nine sailors to drown

Earthquake 1884

The effects on Eastern Essex of the biggest UK earthquake

Great Fire of Burnham 1927

The story of the Great Fire


The Great flood of 1953 and other floods


Farm fires uses as a protest against consitions in the 1800's

Jacobite Rebellion

The part that Eastern Essex played in the 1715 rebellion

Mary Simpson's Trial 1795

Mary Simpson's trial set the precedent for gleaning corn in the UK

Murder at Bradwell Church

Rome imposed an Italian Rector in 1325  - the result Murder

Murder of Sgt Eve

The murder of Police Sergeant Eve

Murder of Stanley Setty

The murder of  Stanley Setty was the first to use a light aircraft

Oxbird boating disaster 1893

The  Oxbird pleasure craft disaster brought in boating regulations

Peasants Revolt 1381

The affects on our area of the rebellion led by Wat Tyler

Tillingham Gala Day 1872

The rural gala days and fetes were highlights of village life

Tillingham Prizefight

The barenuckle prizefight in 1788 between two local champions

Whales in the Crouch

In the 1800's four whales were beached in the Crouch to much excitement

Witch Hunt at Burnham on Crouch

The arrest and trial of Agnes and Joan Thurrock for Witchcraft in 1584

Worst weather ever - 1897

1897 was the worst year ever for weather - severe frosts , bad storms and floods


Thomas Abel Bradwell Rector hung, drawn and quartered for opposing King Henry 8th
Mary Adams According to the story -  in 1652 Mary gave birth to the Ranters Monster

Sir Henry Bate Dudley

What a man! - Playwright, Newspaper Editor, Duelist, Rector, Socialite, Highway builder, prize winning sea defence expert, JP, war leader Bate Dudley did it all and in style.
Samuel Levy Bensusan S L Bensusan is an author who has been called the Essex Laureate
Aleck Bourne Star yachtsman and the Surgeon whose abortion operation led to a change in the law
Adam Buddle Rev Adam Buddle was a pioneering botanist and Vicar of North Fambridge 1708
Phillip Scott Burge Captain Burge was a RFC Air Ace with 13 kills in World War 1
Francis Edward Camps Francis Camps was an pioneering patholgist involved in many famous murder trials
Marcus Carausius Rebel Roman Commander closely associated with the Fort of Othona at Bradwell
Dr Peter Chamberlen A pioneer in medicine who invented birthing forceps

Charles Darwin

The links of Darwin and HMS Beagle to Essex

William Ely

The story of William Ely & Sons - Wheelwrights of Southminster

Charles Hay Sweet-Escott

Charles Escott was one the best of the Gentleman Cricketers

Margaret Gatty

Margaret Gatty was one of the most acclaimed children's authors of her day

John Gauden

Born at Mayland to become a Bishop, Kings Chaplain and  controversial author

Jimmy Gooch

Bradwell on Sea and Steeple resident who was a top speedway rider

Rev Walter Henry Hill

Rev Hill was a pioneering naturalist during his time as Curate of Southminster
Harry Mountford Hills Mayland boy who played for Essex and was wounded in World War 1
Daniel Horsmanden Purleigh boy who become Chief Justice of New York City
Hugh Owen Captain of Essex Cricket Club and member of MCC team v Australia
John Robert Blayney Owen England International Footballer and Rector of Bradwell
Clement Parker Owner of a fleet of barges operating from Bradwell Quay
William and Harold Pye The Pyes were pioneers of radio developing Pye Radios and electrical equipment
Claude Alward Ridley Heroic WW1 pilot who was commander of Stow Maries Aerodrome
William Rome Poor boy from Burnham becomes one of most influential men in London

Rev Alexander John Scott

Rev Scott was not only the Chaplain who heard the last words of Nelson at Trafalgar but he was a long serving local Rector
The 1st Viscount Stansgate   WW1 hero  and first of the Wedgewood Benn family of Labour Politicians
Thomas Surry  A Southminster boy who served  with the Essex Regiment in the Napoleonic wars.
Anthony Tyrrell  Roman Catholic Priest who became Vicar of Dengie & Southminster

Captain Arthur Wakefield

Dashing Naval Officer who was killed in setlement of New Zealand

Rev Robert Francis Walker

Popular Curate of Purleigh and translator of German texts

George Washington

The link between President George Washington and Essex

Essex Saints

Six Saints have strong connections with this area

Historic People

Pen pictures of some important people

Literary People

Inspired artists and authors who have connections with this area

Olympic Champions

Details of the Olympic Champions from 1908, 1920 and 1936 that came from Eastern Essex


Banks and Banking in Essex The development of banking in Essex up to the takeover by national banks

Essex Congregational Union The formation of the Congregational Union in 1798 and it's first 50 years

Essex Foxhounds List of Masters, Staff and supporters of Essex Foxhounds from 1800 to 1896

Essex George Cross Winners Essex winners of the George Cross - the highest award for civilian bravery

Maps Page

Old Maps of Eastern Essex are pictured on this page

Watch Vessels- UK

A list of the Coastguard Watch Vessels in the UK


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