Essex Foxhounds

The Essex Foxhounds hunted an area of West Essex stretching from Chelmsford to the Hertfordshire Border and then from outer London to the Suffolk border.

They would hunt for three days a week in this area although the favoured hunting was centred on Dunmow.

Other Hunts in Essex included the Essex Union, East Essex and at a later date the Essex Farmers

The above information was taken from the Essex Foxhounds written by Richard Francis Ball and  Tresham Gilbey which was published in 1896

The list below provided details of Masters and servants from 1805 to 1896 and a list of supporters of the hunt  who subscribed to the book in 1896

essex foxhounds Essex Foxhounds at Matching Green in 1830

Masters of the Hunt
1805-1808. — Henry John Conyers. 
1808-1813. — John Cook. 
1813-1818.— Lord Maynard and John Archer Houblon. 
1818-1853. — Henry John Conyers.
1853-1857. — Henley George Greaves.
1857- 1864. — Joseph Arkwright.
1864-1879. — Loftus Wigram Arkwright.
1879-1885. — Sir Henry John Selwin Ibbetson, Bart. 
1885-i888. — Loftus Wigram Arkwright. 
Acting Master, Charles Ernest Green.
1888-1889. — Loftus Joseph William Arkwright. 
1889-1893. — Charles Ernest Green.
 1857-1859. — Charles Barwick 
1859-1867. — Thomas Wilson 
1867-1879. — Stephen Dobson 
1879- . — James Bailey 
List of Hunt Servants. 
 First Whips.
1857-1858.— Charles Shepherd 
1858-1859.— Thomas Wilson 
1859-1867.— James Dent 
1867-1869.— Richard Christian 
1869- 1870. — William Morgan. 
1870-1872.— Edward Cole
1872-1875.— Robert Allen 
1875-1879.— Richard Yeo 
1879-1883.— Frederick Firr  
1883-1884.— Edward Brooker 
1884-1886.— Charles Wesley 
 1886-i892.— James Cockayne  
1892- —John Turner
Second Whips
1857-1862.— Edward Mills. 
1862-1868.— Robert Hepworth.
 1868-1874.— Robert Masterman 
 1874-1879.— Frederick Firr 
1879-1882.— Charles Littleworth 
 1882- 1886.— John Turner  
1886- 1887.— Charles Champion.
 1887-1892.— John Turner
1892-1893.— William Maiden 
1894- .—Henry Easterby 
Alexander, G., Warley Lodge, Brentwood.
Arkwright, Loftus, M.F.H., Parndon Hall, Harlow.
Arkwright, W. L. T., Thoby Priory, Brentwood. 
Baddeley, W. H., Cedar Lawn, Knotts Green, Leyton.
 Bailey, James, M.P., Shortgrove, Newport, Essex.
 Ball, Edward A., Egg Hall, Epping. (Five copies.)
 Ball, J. Henry, The Red Lodge, Woking.
 Ball, Mrs. W. A., Raby Vale, Thornton Hough, Chester. 
Barclay, E. E., Roydon Lodge, Roydon. 
Barker, John, The Grange, Bishop Stortford. 
Bethell, Wm., Derwent Bank, Malton. 
Bevan, R. Y., St. Stephen's Club, Westminster. 
Blyth, Sir James, Bart., Blythwood, Stansted. 
Blyth, Arthur, 15, Cornwall Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. 
Blyth, H. A., Stansted House, Stansted. 
Blyth, H. W., Blythwood, Stansted. 
Bowlby, E. S., M.F.H., Gilston Park, Harlow. 
Buckmaster, W. S., Stansted House, Stansted. 
Bury, C. J., St. Leonard's, Nazing. 
Buxton, G., Birch Hall, Theydon Bois. 
Buxton, H. E., Fritton, Great Yarmouth. 
Caldecott, E., Junior Carlton Club, Pall Mall, S.W. 
Calverley, J. Selwin, Down Hall, Harlow. 
Candlish, J. J., Shotton Hall, near Castle Eden, Co. Durham. 
Carter, Major A. H., R.A., Tilbury Fort. 
Charrington, Spencer, M.P., Hunsdon House, Ware, Herts. 
Christie, C. H. F., Ongar.
Collin, C. Chaffey, Harlow.
Colvin, R. B., Monkhams, Waltham Abbey.
Cowee, Thos., Chipping Ongar. 
 Crewdson, T., NorcHflfe Hall, Handforth, Manchester.
Crewdson, a., Alderley Edge, Cheshire.
 Crocker, Weston, The Grange, Hatfield Broad Oak, near Harlow.
Cure, The Rev. L. Capel, Abbess Roding Rectory, Ongar. 
Dalton, William, Hutton Burses, Brentwood, Essex. 
Debenham, H. B., 41, Ashley Gardens, S.W. 
Dent, W. R., Harlow. 
Docwra, John W., i, Gloucester Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. 
Durrant, Edmund, & Co., 90, High Street, Chelmsford.
 Edwards, A. J., Beech Hill Park, Waltham Abbey.
Egerton-Green, Horace G., King's Ford, Colchester.
Ethelston, Captain R. W., Hinton, Whitchurch, Salop.
Evans, P. M., New Farm, Epping.
 Fowler, Howard, Fedsden, Roydon.
 Gilbey, Sir Walter, Bart., Elsenham Hall, Elsenham.
 Gilbey, Alfred, Wooburn House, Wooburn Green, Berks.
 Gilbey, A. N., Cookham, Berks. 
Gilbey, Guy, Elsenham Hall, Elsenham.   
Gilbey, H. W., 28, Seymour Street, W. 
Gilbey, Newman, Mark Hall, Harlow. 
Gilbey, W. Crosbie, The Lea, Denham, Uxbridge. 
Gilbey, Miss Emily, Elsenham Hall, Essex. 
Giles, Arthur B., 47, Albemarle Street, W. 
Goddard, T. F., 9, Great St. Helen's, E.C. 
Gold, Arthur, Fairfield, Birchanger, Bishop Stortford. 
Gold, Chas., Junior, Westfield House, Bishop Stortford. 
Gold, Gerald, The Limes, Birchanger, Bishop Stortford. 
Gold, Philip, The Limes, Birchanger, Bishop Stortford. 
Gorham, A., Devonshire Club, Devonshire Square, E.C. 
Gould, G. W., Chigwell Lodge, Chigwell. 
Gray, O. H., Ingatestone. 
Green, C. E., The Rectory, Loughton.   
Green, Fredk., Hainault Lodge, Hainault, Chigwell Row. 
Grubb, R. T., Harlow. 
 Harding-Newman, T., i, Threadneedle Street, E.G. 
Hart, G. E., Canes, near Harlow. 
Hart, F. G., Hartland Road, Epping. 
Helme, Edward T., Warley Side, Brentwood.   
Hill, Reginald D., Holfield Grange, Coggeshall. 
Hine, D., 5, St. Andrew's Place, Regent's Park, N.W. 
Hornby, Col. J. F., Stock, Ingatestone. 
Howard, A. G., Holmbury, Woodford Green. 
Hull, T. R., Blackmore Priory, Ingatestone, Essex. 
Jackson," N., Sandon Lodge, near Chelmsford. 
Johnston, R. E., Terlings, Harlow. 
Joly, Chas., 13, Place St. Martin, Caen, France. 
Jones, H. E., Marden Ash, Ongar, Essex.   
Kemble, H. p.. Great Claydons, East Hanningfield.
Kemble, Thos., Runwell Hall, Wickford.
Kinglake, S., Little Hormead, Buntingford. 
Lee, H. W., Woodford Lodge, Woodford. 
Lee, p. S., Holmleigh, Woodford. 
Lockwood, Lt.-Col. A. R. M., M.P., Bishop's Hall, Romford. 
Lockwood, Robert, Dummer House, Basingstoke. 
Loyd, Fredk. E., Amwell Grove, Ware. 
Marsh, W. S. Chisenhale, Gaynes Park, Epping. 
Marshall, W. T., Hambleton Hall, Oakham. 
Melles, J. W., Sewardstone Lodge, Sewardstone, Chingford. 
Michell, Hy. B., Eastbury, Romford. 
Motion, Andrew R., Faulkbourn Hall, Witham. 
McIntosh, Mrs., Havering Park, Havering-atte-Bower. 
Neave, Mrs. Sheffield, Mill Green Park, Ingatestone.
Newman, E. A,, 11 and 12, Great Tower Street, E.C.
Newton, C. S., Catmore Cottage, Oakham.
Nicholson, Wm., Woodford Green, Essex. 
Pelly, a. D., Buckhurst Hill.
Pelly, Edmund, Newlands, Ware, Herts.
Pelly, H. Cecil, Shortacres, Loughton.
Pelly, John G., Epping.
Petre, Lord, Thorndon Hall, Brentwood. 
Pigott, Capt. Welleslev, Pilgrim's House, Brentwood.
Price, Howel, J. J., Greensted Hall, Ongar.
Pultney, Miss Judith, Hargrave, Stansted.
 Qu.\RE, Ernest, Matching Green, Harlow. 
Reid, Mrs. Percy, Peering Bury, Kelvedon. 
Ridley, C. E., The Elms, Chelmsford. 
Roffey, W. T., Manor House, Writtle, Chelmsford. 
Rookwood, Lord, Down Hall, Harlow. 
Routledge, L. a., 42, Chester Terrace, Regent's Park. 
Sands, John, Dagnam Priory, Noakhill, Romford.
Savill, Harry, Clergy House, Epping.
Sewell, Geo., Hartland Road, Epping.
Sewell, Wm. H., Epping Place, Epping.
Simonda, Tom, Forest Drive, West Leytonstone.
Smith, Sir Charles C, Bart., Suttons, Romford.
Smith, D. Cunliffe, Suttons, Romford.
Smith, Wm., The Links, Bishop Stortford.
Steele, A. R., Northbrooks, Harlow.
Suart, Alfred, 23, Kensington Gore, S.W.
Swire, J., 10, Kensington Court, W. 
Tabor, James, New Hall, Sutton, Rochford. 
Tilling, Richard S., North Lodge, Peckham Road, S.E. 
Tosetti, AL, Ashdene, Woodford Green. 
Townsend, Captain, Berwick Place, Hatfield Peverel, Witham. 
Tufnell, W. M., Hatfield Place, Witham. 
Usborne, Thos., M.P., Writtle, Chelmsford. 
Warwick, Countess of, Easton Lodge, Dunmow. 
Waterhouse, J. C, Collar House, Prestbury, Cheshire.
White, Tyndale, Stondon Place, Brentwood. 
Wigram, John, South Collingham, Newark.
Wood, Col. Geo. W., Nithsdale, Ingatestone.