Members of Essex Field Club in 1898

In 1898 Henry Laver wrote a book called The Mammals, Reptiles and Fishes of Essex on behalf of the Essex Field Club.

Henry Laver was Vice President of Essex Field Club and Senior Surgeon at the Essex and Colchester Hospital.

In 1880 The Club was formed by a number of local naturalists to encourage the study of nature in Essex.

Essex Field Club is still in operation today having over the years assembled a great deal of knowledge of the flora and fauna of Essex

As funds were still not freely available in 1898 Henry Laver asked Members of the Essex Field Club  to subscribe in advance to purchase the book and on publication the names of those who subscribed were published.

This was a common method of funding educational books in Victorian times.

The list of members is reproduced below.


Abbott, G.,33, Upper Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells.

Acland, Rev. C. L., M.A., F.S.A., All Saints, Cambridge.

Adams, H. J., F.E.S., Roseneath, Enfield.

Aflalo, F. G., The Club, Bournemouth.

Atkinson, Rev. Canon J. C., Danby Vicarage, Yarm, Yorks.

Avery, J., C.A., 63, Windsor Road, Forest Gate, E.

Ball, Rev. F. J., Ardleigh Vicarage, Colchester.

Barclay, F. H., 4, Second Avenue, West Brighton.

Barclay, Col. Hanbury, Tingrith Manor, Woburn, Beds.

Barrington, R. M., F.L.S., Fassaroe, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Bartlett, H. S., Severndroog, Shooter's Hill, Kent.

Bawtree, E. W., M.D., St. Mary's, Colchester.

Beckett, Rev. W. H., Stebbing Manse, Chelmsford.

Bentall, E. H., The Towers, Maldon.

Bewers, W., Dorincourt, Chelmsford.

Bird, James, Church Hill, Walthamstovv, Essex.

Bird, T., C.C., Canons, Romford.

Blathwayt, Frank L., Saltaire, Weston-super-Mare,

Borrer, Wm., Cowfold, Horsham, Sussex.

Boulger, Prof. 34, Argyll Mansions,Addison Bridge, W.

Brown, George, M.D., Headgate, Colchester.

Burke, Lt.-Col., J.P., Auberies, Sudbury, Suffolk.

Cambridge, Rev. O. P., Bloxworth Rectory, Wareham.

Catchpool, Edward, Peering Bury, Kelvedon, Essex.

Chancellor, F., J.P., F.R.I.B.A., Chelmsford.

Chattaway, W., Apothecaries' Hall, London.

Christy, Reginald W., Little Boyton Hall, Roxwell,

Christy, Miller, F.L.S., Pryors, Broomfield, Chelmsford.

Clark, J. A., 57, Weston Park, Crouch End, N.

Cobbold, A. Townshend, Fermoyle, Ipswich

Coburn, H. I., 16, Maxilla Gardens, N, Kensington,

Cole, William, 7 Knighton Villas, Buckhurst Hill

Coleman,The Misses, 6,St. Mary's Terrace,Lexden Road, Colchester.

Coles, F., 53, Brooke Road, Stoke Newington, N.

Colvin, R. B., J.P., &c., Monkhams, Waltham Abbey.

Connor, Colonel, Elmhurst, Festing Road, Southsea.

Cordeaux, JohnGreat Cotes House, R.S.O.,Lincolnshire.

Cotter, Rev. J. Rogerson, Magdalen Rectory, Colchester.

Crouch, Walter Grafton House, Wellesley Road, Wanstead.

Crowfoot, W. M., Beccles, Suffolk.

Crump, Miss Rhoda, St. Aubyn's, Woodford Green.

Cunnington, A., Braintree.

Deedes, Rev, Canon Cecil, 2, Clifton Terrace, Brighton.

De Home, Thomas, 5, Stanhope Terrace, Hyde Park, W.

Dewick, The Rev. E. S., 26, Oxford Square, Hyde Park,

Downes, Arthur, M.D., 46, Gordon Square, W.C.

Duff, The Right Hon. Sir M. E. Grant, Lexden Park, Colchester.

Duffield, F. H., St. Oswald's House, Shortlands, Kent.

Dunnage, Alfred, Ivy Lodge, Dedham, Colchester.

Egerton-Green, 0. E., East Hill House, Colchester.

Elliott, F. W., Mark Ash, Palmerston Road, Buckhurst Hill.

Fitch, E. A.,  Brick House, Maldon.

Fletcher, W. H. B., Fairlawn House, Worthing, Sussex.

Float, J. C., Fullbridge, Maldon.

Fortune, Riley, Alston House, Harrogate.

Fountain, F., 44, Grooms Hill, Greenwich Park, S.E.

Furbank, A. J., I, Cardigan Road, Richmond Hill, Surrey.

Galpin, Rev. Francis W., Hatfield Vicarage, Harlow,

Gates, Arthur F., 21, Dudley Road, Ilford, Essex.

George, W., 19, Church Crescent, South Hackney, N.E.

Gepp, The Rev. E., M.A., School House, Felstead.

Gilbert, T., J.P., West Mersea, Colchester.

Gilbey, Sir Walter, Elsenham Hall, Essex,

Gilmour, Matthew, Saffronhall House, Windmill Road, Hamilton,

Gimson, W. G., M.D., &c., Witham, Essex.

Gordon & Gotch, 15, St. Bride Street, E.G.

Gould, I. Chalkley, Trapp's Hill House, Loughton.

Gray, Mrs. C. Harrison, Laurel Grove, Chelmsford.

Greatheed, F., Corringham, Stanford-le-Hope, S.O., Essex.

Green, E. R., 26, Throgmorton Street, E.G.

Green, Horace G. Egerton, J.P., King's Ford, Colchester.

Gurney, J. H., F.Z.S., &c., Keswick Hall, Norwich.

Haigh, G. H. Caton, Grainsby Hall, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Hall, Samuel, F.C.S., 19, Aberdeen Park, Highbury, N.

Hall, Rev. Edmund, Myland Rectory, Colchester.

Harrison, A. W., Blandford House, Braintree.

Harrison, A., 72, Windsor Road, Forest Gate.

Harvie-Brown, John A., Dunipace House, Larbert, N.B.

Hawkins, C. E. W., Old House, Great Horkesley,

Hawkins, C. H., J.P., Maitlands, Colchester.

Hills, Harris, J.P., Berewyk Hall, near Halstead, Essex.

Holmes, E. M., F.L.S., &c., Ruthven, Sevenoaks, Kent.

Holmes, T. V., 26, Grooms Hill, Greenwich Park, S.E.

Hope, G. P., Havering Grange, near Romford.

Horton, J. H., J.P., Mascalls, Brentwood.

Horwood, Rev. E. R., J.P., The Vicarage, Maldon, Essex.

Howard, David Lloyd, J.P., F.I.C., F.C.S., President, Devon House, Buckhurst Hill.

Howard, W. Dillworth, n, Cornwall Terrace, Regent's Park,

Howard, Eliot, J.P., Ardmore, Buckhurst Hill.

Hughes, F., 17, Fairfield Road, Chelmsford.

Hunt, Reuben, J.P., Tillwicks, Earls Colne, Essex.

Hurnard, S. F., J.P., Lexden, Colchester.

Hurrell, Wm. A., Southminster, Essex.

Johnson, S. H., M.I.M.E., Warren Hill, Loughton.

Kemble, T., J.P., Runwell Hall, Wickford.

Kimbell, H. I., 381, Hornsey Road, N.

Knight, J. W., F.G.S., Bushwood, Wanstead.

Kuypers, Rev. Charles, St. Edmund's College, Ware.

La Barte, Rev. W. W9, Creffield Road, Colchester.

Landon, F., The Red House, Brentwood.

Laver, Arthur H., M.D., i, Rutland Park, Sheffield.

Leach, H. R., Hazeldean, Pinner, Middlesex.

Lloyd, Llewelyn, Tendring, Colchester.

Lockyer, Alfred, Mulberrys, Nazing, Waltham Cross.

Lodge, Robert, Laurie Lodge, Meads, Eastbourne.

Loyd, George, 64, North Hill, Colchester.

Macpherson, A. Holte, 51, Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park,

Maitland, Rev. J. Whitaker, M.A., Loughton Hall, Loughton, Essex.

Mason, Hugh H., Abbey Lodge, Barking, Essex.

McConnell, P., B.Sc., Ongar Park Hall, Ongar, Essex.

Meldola, Prof. R, 6, Brunswick Square, W.C.

Midgley, Arthur, Larchmont, Saffron Walden.

Moor, Captain E. C., The Rosery, Great Bealings, Woodbridge.

Morris, H. G., 269, Lewisham High Road, St. John's, S.E.

Mothersole, H., Park Avenue, Chelmsford.

Munsey, W. J., 5, High Street, Colchester.

Murton, Rev. George, 51, Lexden Road, Colchester, Essex.

Newling, Benjamin, Woodleigh, South Woodford, Essex.

Newton, E. T., Geological Museum, 28, Jermyn Street,Piccadilly, W.

Nichols, W. B., East Lodge, Mistley, Manningtree.

Ogilvie, F. Menteith, 5, Evelyn Mansions, Carlisle Place,

Oldham, Charles, 2, Warwick Villas, Chelmsford Road, South Woodford.

Oldham, Charles, 58, Fountain Street, Manchester.

Osborne, Arthur T., Altnacealgach, Colchester.

Parker, C. W., J.P., Hatfield Priory, Witham.

Paterson, W. M., South Lawn, Bishops Stortford, Herts.

Patterson, R. Lloyd, Holywood, Co. Down.

Paxman, James, J.P., Stisted Hall, Braintree.

Piggot, Horatio, 20, Broadwater Down, Tun bridge Wells.

Pointing, W. J., 58, North Hill, Colchester.

Potter, J. W., Trinity Street, Colchester.

Poulton, Prof. E. B., Wykeham House,Banbury Road, Oxford.

Power, H., M.B., F.L S., 37A, Great Cumberland Place, W.

Prance, The Rev. L. N., Stapleford Tawney, Romford.

Pritchett, G. E., F.S.A., Oak Hall, Bishops Stortford.

Reid, James, 12, Lower Bridge Street, Canterbury.

Rivers, H. Somers, Sawbridgeworth, Herts.

Roberts, F. G. Adair, Lion House, Amhurst Park, Stamford Hill, N.

Rope, Geo. Thos., Blaxhall, Wickham Market, Suffolk.

Rose, A. B., St. Helens, 56, Woodberry Down, N.

Rothschild, The Hon. Walter, F.L.S., New Court, St. Swithin's Lane, E.G.

Round, James, M.P., Birch Hall, near Colchester.

Royle, Mrs. A., 329, Upton Lane, Forest Gate, E.

Rudler, F. W., F.G.S., 28, Jermyn Street, S.W.

Russell, Rev. A. F.,The Chantry, Chingford

Salter, J. H., Tolleshunt D'Arcy.

Sauze", H. A., 4, Mount Villas, Sydenham Hill Road, S.E.

Savill, Lt-Col., J.P., &c., Boleyns, Braintree.

Schwartz, Cecil, Ivy House, Woodford Green, Essex.

Scott, T., 158, Maldon Road, Colchester.

Shenstone, J. C., 13, High Street, Colchester.

Short, W. H., Sunnyside, Colchester.

Silver, S. W., Letcomb Manor, Wantage.

Simonds, Tom, Wavery, Hainhault Road, Leytonstone.

Smith, Fred. J., 4, Christopher Street, Finsbury Square,

Smithers, H. W., Baddow Court, Great Baddow.

Sorby, H. C., LL.D., F.R.S., Broomfield, Sheffield.

Southwell, Thomas, 10, The Crescent, Norwich.

Spalding, Frederick, The Museum, Colchester.

Sparrow, Miss E. B., Rookwoods, Sible Hedingham, Essex.

Squier, S. W., J.P., The Rookery, Stanford-le-Hope.

Stable, D. Wintringham, Holly Lodge, Wanstead,

Standen, R. S., F.L.S., Thorpe Hall, Colchester.

Steele, A. R., Northbrooks, Harlow, Essex.

Symmons, Robert F., 9, Lexden Road, Colchester.

Taylor, Shephard T., M.B., Mount Echo, Chingford.

Taylor, Thomas, Bocking, Braintree, Essex.

Thackeray, Lt.-Col., J.P., Chappel, Halstead, Essex.

Thresh, J. C., The Limes, Chelmsford.

Tower, C. J. H., J.P., D.L., Weald Hall, Brentwood.

Tremlett, J. D., J.P., Dalethorpe, Dedham, Essex.

Tuke, Wm. Murray, Saffron Walden.

Unwin, George, 27, Pilgrim Street, E.G.

Usborne, Mrs., Writtle, Chelmsford.

Vaughan, G. E., Chingford, Essex, and 57, Chancery Lane,

Walker, Henry, F.G.S., 150, Kensington Park Road, W.

Wallinger, R. N. A.. Kitts Croft, Writtle, Chelmsford. Walsingham,

The Rt. Hon. the Lord. Merton Hall, Thetford,

Watkins & Doncaster, 36, Strand, W.C.

Wells, A. Godfrey, St. Alkmunds, Wanstead, N.E.

White, Chas., Holly House, Wurrington.

White, Charles E., 57, North Hill, Colchester.

White, J. H., Pease Hall, Springfield, Chelmsford. '

White, William, The Ruskin Museum, Meersbrook Park, Sheffield.

Whitaker, William,, 3, Campden Road, Croydon.

Whittle, F. C., 3, Marine Avenue, Southend, Essex.

Wicks, J., Dereham Place, Colchester.

Williams & Norgate, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden,

Wilson, T. Hay, Tudor Cottage, Clay Hill, Bushey, Herts.

Wilson, The Rev. W. Linton, M.A., Rumburgh Vicarage, Halesworth, Suffolk.

Winstone, B., 53, Russell Square, W.C.

Wood, J. M., 113, Balfour Road, Highbury New Park, N.

Wright, Chas. A., Knight of the Crown of Italy, Kayhough,Kew, Surrey.

Wright, Miss E. H., 7, Lexden Road, Colchester.