Burnham Root Club Show 1889

Burnham Root Club was a agricultural society in Burnham for this people who grew root vegetables.

In 1899 they held a show open to farmers and residents.


Vegetables - mangels, Potatoes, cabbages etc

Mssrs AW and A B Croxon

Charles Croxon

Mssrs Prior and Totham

E J Smith

R Page

John Page

J Camping

J Harvey

J Rogers

Mrs carter


Rev W C Miller

James Cranfield

R Page

John page

John Rogers

W Sewell

John Wackrill


Mr W H Matthams

Mr A Mayell

Mr C H B Croxon

Mr John Cook

Mr George Gipeon

Committee members and guests who attended a luncheon for the event at the White Harte Hotel the event included

Mr E E Fitch

Mr J T Rogers

Rev J L Govett

W Page

A B Croxon

F E Page

John Page

R G Coombe

John Dennis

Mr Downman

John Rogers

T Middleton

C H Croxon

John Payne

A Page

W Hurrell

A Mead

J Chillingworth

W Newman

J K King

W O Ward

C Croxon

E J Smith

J S Prior

William Sewell

A Attenborough

D Pannell

A B Croxon

W H Matthams

John Dennis




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