Using Books to Research Essex History and Family History

Buying or loaning books on Essex

The best method to borrow a book  is to visit an Essex Library.

The Library service hold at least one copy of every book written about Essex, many of which are available for loan.

The internet access site for Essex Library allows searches for books and the facility for books to be delivered to your nearest library for collection.

Essex Record Office also holds a large number of reference books.

If you are unable to make a personal visit to an Essex Library or the Records Office.

Other sources of new and used books are  online retailers such as Amazon with used books available on E-Bay.

There are many specialised books shops on the internet who stock old books on Essex but these are often expensive.

Books local to Burnham and the surrounding villages of the Dengie 100 can also be obtained from Burnham Museum Tel 01621 782562.

This website has a bookshop page of books managed by Amazon. Visit to the page shows books which Amazon usually stocks about Eastern Essex.

 If you want specific information from a book then posting on the Essex Message Board of Rootsweb may well get a response from a member who owns that book.

A list of Books on Essex

This web site used to post a bibliography of local books, that had been purchased or read during preparation of this web site.

Not only did the list became unwieldy but it was pale shadow of the search engine of Essex Books available on the Essex Libraries web site

For example Essex Librareies stock 6547 books with Essex in the title.

If you click on Essex Library List you will be taken to their search page which allow a search on 8 categories including author and title.

Perhaps the most useful search category is all keywords as this will search all 8 categories.

A search can relate to an event ie Battle of Maldon or a place ie Tillingham or a person ie Henry Bate Dudley.

This will bring up all books that contain these keywords.

The listing will tell you where the books area and whether they are available for loan.

If you live in Essex and belong to the library you will be able to order the books on line.

If you live elsewhere the search will provide the full details of the book including the ISBN number which should make it easier for you to find the book elsewhere.

Online Books

Nowadays there are several sources of local history books on line.

The two most reputable are Project Gutenberg which is an American web site dedicated to publishing online books that are out of copyright.

A search on Essex shows over 1000 books that mention Essex and 5 books that Mention Tillingham village.

As the project is American most references to Essex will be Essex County in USA rather than Essex in the UK so search carefully.

The second recommended site if Google Books which uses the Google search bar then click on books and search

Their library is vast having 22 thousand books that mention Essex and 804 that mention Tillingham.

Once again careful searching is required to find the book that will have the information that you require.

A warning that both are American based which means that some items may be out of copyright in USA but are still subject of UK copyright.



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