Beeeleigh Abbey Canons 1475 to 1500

Between 1475 and 1500 the names of the Canons in residence and details of their roles were recorded at intervals



Sir William Kyrkby - Abbot

Brother Thomas Scarlett - Sub Prior

Nicholas Byrch

Brother Thomas Lambe

Thomas Frebregg

John Young

Henry Purfott

Walter Lowthe

John Martyn



Henry Purfott - Circator

Nicholas Bryge

Thomas Lambe - Chanter

Thomas Frebrige - Sacrist

Robert Mott - Sub Cellarer

William Turnare - Sub Chanter

John Ferenrige

Richard Frauncesse - Novice

Richard Ynglande - Novice

John Copsheffe - Novice



Thomas Frebrige - Sub Prior

Walter Lowth - Priest

Nicholas Byrch - Priest

Thomas Lambe - Priest

Robert Mote - Priest

William Turnere - Priest

John Frebrige - Priest

Henry Purfott - Rector

John Marten - Rector

Richard Frauncesse - Novice

Richard Yngland - Novice

John Copshephe - Novice

Thomas Marton - Novice



Sir Thomas Scarlett - Abbot

Thomas Frebrige - Sub Prior

Thomas lambe

Robert Motte - Cellarer

William Turnour

John Frebryge

Richard Fraunces

Richard Yngland - Sub Chanter

John Copsheff

Thomas Martyne - Novice

Henry Purfot - Rector



Sir Thomas Skarlett - Abbot

Thomas Frebrige - Sub Prior

Thomas Lame

Robert Mote - Cellarer

John Ferebrige - Chanter

Richard Fraunces

Richard Yngland

John Copshaffe

Henry Purfot - Rector

William Turner - Rector

John Gooday - Novice

William Alysum - Novice

Henry Cellis - Novice



Sir Thomas Skarlett - Abbot

Richard Ynglande - Sub Prior

Thomas Lambe - Circator

Robert Mott - Cellarer

Richard Fraunces - Chanter

John Copsheffe - Sacrist

Henry Porfott - Rector of St Laurence

Thomas Frebryghe - Rector of Gyllingham All saints

John Gooday - Novice

William Alysone - Novice

Henry Sellys - Novice


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