Opening of Crouch Valley Railway Line July 1889 Guests at Opening Banquet 


On 1 July 1889 the Southminster to Wickford Branch Line opened to passenger traffic
As part of the celebration for the day a public show was held and for invited guests there was a reception at Southminster Hall followed by a banquet held in a marquee near to Southminster Railway Station.

Some of the guests who attended were:-

Mr J Page JP  ( Chairman)
Major Rasch MP and Mrs Rasch
Mrs W Page
Mr C H Parkes (Chairman of Great Eastern Railway)
Mr Wilson ( Chief Engineeer of Great Eastern Railway)
Mr and Mrs C W Parker
Rev J H Beresford Harris
Rev J W and Mrs Mills
Rev G C and Mrs Berkeley
Mr C A Parker
Mr John Page
Mr R Page
Mr and Mrs C Clarke
Mr and Mrs J T Middleton ( Partner in contracters Walter Scott and co)
Mr Wilmott
Mr W Sewell
Mr, Mrs and Miss John Rogers
Mr Flower
Mr and Mrs T Middleton
Mr J H Salter JP
Mr Griffiths
Mr J S Prior
Mr and Mrs Foxlee ( GER resident engienner at Maldon)
Mr Jones ( GER resident engineeer at Billericay)
Mr Holmes
Mr H Murton
Mr and Mrs J T Rogers
Mr A B Croxon
Mr W A Croxon
Mr and Mrs E J Smith
Mr T W Offin jnr
Rev H P and Miss Dawes
Rev C Williams
Mr Joseph Beaumont
Mr W Crick
Mr A C Freeman
Mr J C Freeman
Mr F H Bright
Mr W P Gepp
Mr A P Clear
Rev H M Milligan
Mr D Pannell
Dr and Mrs Gorton Coombe
Mr and Mrs A Dowsman
Mr Peter Richmond
Mr J B Richmond
Mr Alan Stewart
Mr W Newman
Mr D Hawkins
Mr Hasler
Mr E B Trussell
Mr John Taylor
Mr John Auger
Mr T Elsey Bland
Mr C Williams from Chelmsford
Mr E J Gale
Mr T J Saltmarsh
Rev Murton
Mrs Robinson
Mrs Pannell
Mr A Rome
Miss Hurrell
Mr and Mrs S Steele
Mr and Mrs Cardinall
Mr T Olley
Mr T Knight
Mr D Kerridge
Mr J W Baxter
Mr E J Attenboro
Mrs Cross
Mr B and Miss Totham
Mr W Ely ( Owner of land on which marque sited)
Mr W Harvey
Mr W Emberson
Miss Pipe
Mr J Hutley
Mr G Cracknell
Mr J J Hawkins
Mr Compton
Mr J H Payne
Rev Canon Beach
Mr J Jackson
Mr A Steward
Mr E S Spells
Mr T Jackson
Mr J Pearl
Mr W Camping
Mr H J Richardson
Mr W A Hurrell
Mr Parrett
Mr and Mrs R Poole
Mr M Turner
Mr J Pipe
Mr F H Meggy
Mr Pertwee
Miss L Page
Mr C Page
Dr and Mrs Pettifer
Mr F E Page
Miss Page from Dengie
Rev E Owen
Mr F J Coverdale
Rev E J and Mrs Warmington
Miss Wells
Miss M Page
Mrs Biddell
Mr A H Clapham
Miss Andrews
Mr H A Hare
Mr L Kemp
Mr and Mrs J C Page
Mr G Gale
Mr Blanks
Mr T Stammers
Mr W Dennish
Mr J Hawkins jnr
Mr C H Hurrell
Captain Hawkins
Mr G Smith
Mr Rumsey
Mr H Bishop
Rev and Mrs Braybrook
Mr John Dennis
Miss Dennis
Mr Matthams
Mr A Cross
Mr H Flanders
Miss Curtis
Mr H Clarke
Mr and Mrs C Croxon
Rev E H Grain
Mrs Prior
Mr A Attenboro
Mr A Page
Miss Hawkins
Mr H Kemble
Mr T C Sewell
Miss Pertwee
Mr H Pannell
Miss Pannell
Mr J Rust
Major T A Kemble
Mr F Payne
Mr Fleming
Mr G Gale jnr
Mr Wilmer
Mr Chapman
Mr Randall
Mr Overman
Mr King
Mr Hicks
Mr Barley
Mr Bennett
Mr Parrett jnr
Mr Goodey
Mr Leather
Mr Ashbey
Mr T Waghorn
Mr Blur
Mr Blyth
Mr Gray
Mr Pipe

The food was provided by Mr J Hicks of Chelmsford
The marquee was provided by Messrs H and T C Godfrey from Chlemsford

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