Bankrupts 1807 -1869

Bankruptcy is not a modern problem.

Many of our ancestors will have been declared bankrupts or entered into insolvency during the 1800's sometimes due to poor business practices but often due to factors beyond their control.

Listed below are some of the people from Eastern Essex who were declared bankrupt or insolvent from 1807 to 1869.


John Fincham , Carpenter, 1847

Frederick Lee , Dealer in Horses,1829


George Ketcher, Inkeeper, 1851

Bradwell on Sea

Samuel John Cowlen , Beer Seller and Wheelwright, 1832

William Dixey, Innkeeper, 1856

Burnham on Crouch

John Stoneham, Grocer, 1869

Nathaniel Ketcher, Shopkeeper, 1822

Matthew Nunn, Blacksmith, 1863

Cold Norton

Sarah Brown , Widow of Farmer, 1852


Jacob Dines , Farmer, 1822

Samuel Gigney, Farmer, 1823

Thomas Hayward, Wheelwright, 1851


Jas Bridge, Grocer, 1849


John P Harris, Blacksmith, 1854

Robert Charles Last, Painter, 1869

Robert Mason, Dealer, 1807

William Turner, Carpenter, 1834


John T Blanks , Grocer, 1843

W Brooks, Horsedealer, 1813

E Spells, Baker, 1837

J Ketcher, Farmer, 1813

Chas Page , Farmer , 1869

Henry Stammers,  Builder, 1862

Henry Wood Winterbon, Plumber and Glazier, 1864


James Baxter, Blacksmith, 1851

Jas Cracknell, Farmer, 1863

William Isaac, Draper, 1843

John Wright, Butcher and Pig Dealer, 1864

William Boston, Straw Bonnet Maker, 1848

Woodham Mortimer

Joseph Harris, Blacksmith, 1845

Woodham Walter

Richard Davis, Wheelwright, 1851


Bankrupts and people entering into insolvency can be traced via the London Gazette, Local Newspapers or one of the many books published including debtors details.