G Attenborough Farmer
Rev James Ault Independant Minister
Thos. Baldwin Innkeeper- White Horse
Robert Beehag Grocer
Rev Geo. Campion Berkeley Vicar
John Bishop Carpenter and Builder
William Bishop Beerhouse
Benjamin Bobby Carrier
John Brockis Berhouse
Thomas Bruce Plumber
G Campin ( mrs) Private Resident
William Campin Plumber
West. Camping Grocer
James Cant Baker
Henry Carter Watchmaker
Thomas Clarke Farmer
William Clarke Farmer
John Cook Builder and Carpenter
Joseph Cook Mole Catcher
Daniel Cooper Boot and shoe maker
William Cooper Private Resident
Robert C Davies Farmer
Damuel Dennish Cooper and Basket Maker
William Dixey Butcher and Innkeeper - Rose and Crown
Joseph Downing Private Resident
Isaac Downing Wheelwright
Rev Joseph Glover Evans Curate
William Ely Coach Builder, wheelwright, smith and machine agent
Andrew Glass Farm Bailiff
John Halstead Sexton
John Harding Grocer
W Harvey Grocer
Robert Hasler Tailor
Steven Hawes Watchmaker
William Howlett Beerhouse
James Hoy Farmer
Henry Shuttleworth Hurrell Vetinary Surgeon
Robert Ireson Schoolmaster ( British School)
Jonatham Kemp Farmer - North Farm
Jno. Fitch Kemp Corn Dealer and Malister
William King Chemist and Druggist
Joseph Livermore Carrier
Robert Lufkin Hairdresser
John Merriot Farmer
Benjamin Noakes Beerhouse and Carpenter
George Norris Baker
Daniel Olley Boot and shoe maker
Thomas Olley Baker
Thomas Otway Vetinary Surgeon and Druggist
Benjamin Page Parish Clerk
William Page Farmer - Hall Farm
William Page ( junior) Farmer - Limes Farm
Thomas Pickman Boot and shoe maker
E Pipe ( Mrs) Draper and Milliner
 ? Pipe ( Miss) Schoolmistress ( day and boarding school)
John Pipe Grocer
Edward Piper Grocer
Edward Polley Saddler
Potter Charlotte ( Mrs) Milliner
Potter William Farmer
John Prior Grocer
William Purkis Grocer, Boot and shoe maker
Anthony Rayment Blacksmith
John Rayment Cattle Dealer and Innkeeper -White Hart
Jno. Reeve Upholsterer
John Riley Chimney Sweep
Henry Robinson Farmer
Joseph Rumsey Blacksmith
William Arthur Rush Surgeon
Walter Samuel Boot and shoe maker
Thomas Sewell Farmer
Benjamin Smith ( Junior) Boot and shoe maker
Benjamin Smith Saddler
John Smith ( Junior) Saddler
John Smith Saddler
John Smith Grocer
Thomas Trageant Smythe Corn Dealer
William Smythe Corn Miller
Harriet Spell ( miss) Schoolmistress ( day and boarding school)
Edward Spells

Baker and  Farmer

Edward Spells ( junior) Farmer
James Spurgin Private Resident
Jane Spurgin ( mrs) Private Resident
Henry Stammers Carpenter
John Stammers Farmer
Wild Stammers Carpenter
Jonathan Summers Baker and Corn Miller
William Summers Postman
Jno . Taylor Schoolmaster ( National School)
? Taylor (Miss) Schoolmistress ( National School)
William Totham Butcher
Henry Vinson Draper and Clothier
John Willsmer Butcher
Robert Willsmer Innkeeper - King's Head
Henry W Winterbon Plumber
Thomas Wright Tailor

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